Info & Rules

This page provides homeowners with guidance on how to properly maintain their residence in accordance with neighborhood policies.  Our goal is to maintain an attractive neighborhood that is a courteous and welcoming environment for all to enjoy.  Any questions on the policies presented here can be directed to the GreenLeaf Manor Homeowners Association Board of Directors.

Protective Covenants: Click here to read

Restrictive Covenants: Click here to read

Cautionary Note for Potential Renters:  Rental listings for GreenLeaf Manor properties found on Craigslist or other classified sites may not provide accurate information, and in some cases may be fraudulent.  For your safety, please confirm any information you obtain from online listings by contacting the property owner directly and verifying terms and conditions before making any deposit or sharing your personal information.

Easements:  Homeowners and tenants should be aware of easements which limit modifications to their property.  Click here for a map of the development illustrating these easements.

Safety Information:  Click here for contact and safety information from the Ferguson Township Police.

Township Requirements:

  • Please be aware of the Ferguson Township Code of Ordinances.
  • Please keep grass mowed and shrubs pruned.  Township ordinance stipulates a maximum grass height of 6 inches.
  • Please remove snow as necessary for safety in the neighborhood.  Township ordinance requires snow be cleared from sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall.  Consider the weather forecast before shoveling; for instance if the forecast is for snow followed by freezing rain, it may be safer to wait until all precipitation is done before shoveling, rather than shoveling the snow right away and thus letting freezing rain hit the sidewalk directly and form a sheet of ice.
  • Do not pour or dump materials into the storm drains.  This washes into our retention basins and is an environmental hazard.

Neighborhood Requirements:

  • Please be aware of the GreenLeaf Manor covenants and the responsibility of the GreenLeaf Manor Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as “the Board”) to enforce them.  This helps to maintain property values and the integrity of the development.
  • Restrictive Covenant #11 (link above) specifically prohibits displaying any signs, including political signs, in public view, with the exception of signs advertising a house or lot for sale.
  • The Board will approve residents’ requests for aboveground fencing only under exceptional circumstances or as required by law. The Board has no objection to residents installing in-ground (aka “invisible”) fencing. Furthermore, the Board recognizes that the Restrictive Covenants permit residents to use landscape plantings (shrubbery, decorative grasses, etc.) as borders/barriers on their properties.
  • Sheds are not permitted.
  • Motor homes and trailers must be moved after 5 days or they will be considered permanent.
  • As noted in restriction 2 of the Restrictive Covenants, all play structures, including swing sets, trampolines, etc. must not be installed without the permission of the Board.
  • Please keep your dusk-to-dawn post lamp functioning for safety in the neighborhood.  They are required in the Covenants and doing so should keep the Township from mandating us to install streetlights.

Safety Suggestions:

  • Please slow down and drive with care, for the safety of all.
  • When walking or at night, consider carrying a light so you can see where you’re going, and so others can see you.

Friendly Expectations:

  • Contact us to join our neighborhood email list and stay informed! Use of the neighborhood email list is for friendly, informational purposes only, for instance promoting upcoming social events or helping to find lost items. Threatening, harassing, derogatory, or otherwise negative commentary will result in removal of posting rights.
  • Please be considerate of your neighbors and clean up after your pets.  This includes at the park, park woods, retention ponds, and anywhere else in the community.  Please be aware that some homeowners may object to pets urinating on their lawns due to high levels of nitrogen that can hurt grass and plants.
  • Please remove clutter outside the house to maintain a tidy appearance.  This includes tools, furniture, tires, lawn equipment, building supplies, and any other general “junk” that can accumulate in driveways, yards, etc.
  • Please secure your trashcan lids so trash does not blow into our retention ponds and neighbors’ yards.
  • Please secure lids when using the trashcans at Shaw Park.
  • Please remember to spray for dandelions in the fall or spring – your neighbors will appreciate it.  Consider using an environmentally-friendly product for this purpose.
  • Please fill out the information form that is sent with your annual homeowner’s dues assessment so that we can keep our neighborhood directory up to date.
  • Paradigm Properties Group, our property management company, will provide a complete treasurer’s report at our yearly GMHA meeting.
  • Any animal complaints in the neighborhood should be referred to the Township office (814-238-4651).
  • Please submit all suggestions, inquiries, complaints, etc. to Paradigm Properties Group (814-308-9602) for review and referral to the GMHA Board of Directors.

Thank you for your help!